25 years of an art gallery in Barcelona.

The exhibition “25 anys de galeria” is the summary of 25 years of an art gallery in Barcelona, a compendium of our different lines of exhibition that now we present together where we want to offer a portrait of what has been our work until now.

To begin with, our gallery decided to present in Barcelona a group of artists linked to the historical avantgardes, as well as the school of Paris. Artists such as Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Francisco Bores, Oscar Domínguez J.Fín, Jacint Salvadó, Hernando Viñes or Javier Vilató that were unknown 25 years ago in our city.

 By the mid-1990s, we began to pay special attention to Joaquin Torres-Garcia and some of his disciples such as Augusto Torres, José Gurvich or Alceu Ribeiro, standing out the exhibition “El Taller Torres-Garcia”, by which we received the ACCA award from the Catalan Art Critics Association in 1999 for the best exhibition of the year.

From the beginning, we have also been interested in representing contemporary artists, some veterans such as the already deceased Josep Maria Garcia-Llort and Francesc Garcia-Vilella, or Joan Capella, as well as others who studied during the decade of the 1970s such as Jordi Amagat, Jorge Gay, Víctor Pedra or Miguel Peña.

Compress what 25 years of an art gallery in Barcelona is an impossible task. We have organized an exhibition where we gather many of the artists that have exhibited with us and that are writing with us the history of the gallery. We hope you enjoy it.

Lastly, we would like to thank friends, collectors, painters, art critics, curator, art dealers and institutions that have contributed to our project, as well as every single person that comes to visit our exhibitions to enjoy art and keep us motivated to continue with our gallery.

“25 anys de galeria” can be visited until next November 10th.

Manuel Angeles Ortiz
Alceu Ribeiro
Jacinto Salvadó
Joaquín Torres-Garcia
Jorge Gay
Jordi Amagat
Miguel Peña
Josep Maria Garcia-Llort
José Gurvich
Joan Capella
Juan Alcalde
Hernando Viñes
Víctor Pedra
Francisco Bores
Augusto Torres
Javier Vilató
Cristina Escape