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Manuel Angeles Ortiz

Manuel Angeles Ortiz

Manuel Angeles Ortiz was born in Jaen in 1895 but Granada would be his city of adoption. There he studies to be a painter with Juan Larrocha and at the Superior School of Industrial Arts. Close friend of Federico Garcia Lorca, they will collaborate on numerous occasions
In 1919 he marries Francisca Alarcon with whom he would have a daughter,  Isabel Clara. He visits Madrid and meets Dalí, Moreno Villa or Buñuel and later on he would go to Paris. There he will become a close friend of Picasso.His stay in Paris allows Manuel Ángeles Ortiz to get close with the group of artists of the School of Paris and participate in their exhibitions. He also collaborates with Luis Buñuel  in “La edad de oro”. From 1932 to 1939 he returns to Spain, there he will meet Torres-García and Neruda. He will collaborate with the Antifascist intellectual league and will exhibit at the Spanish republic pavilion. At the end of the Spanish civil war he exiles in Paris with Picasso’s help.
Later on, at the beginning of the II world war painter Manuel Angeles Ortiz settles in Argentina until 1949. From those years are his wood sculptures. In 1949 he goes back to Paris and travels through Europe. In 1957 Manuel Ángeles Ortiz returns to Granada. This visit will have great impact on his work as a painter. There he will begin his notes series such as Albaycines, Paseos de Cipreses, Cabezas multiples… In 1964 he marries Brigitte Badin and will live between Paris, Granada and Brittany.
In 1981 he receives the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas (Fine Arts National Prize).
He died in Paris in 1984 shortly after joining the group of artists of our gallery.

Manuel Ángeles Ortiz CV

Manuel Angeles Ortiz - Solo exhibitions (selection)


Participates in the exhibition 1939, exilio republicano español, Arquería de Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid.


Participates in the exhibition Picasso and the Exodus. A Spanish history of art  in  resistance.  Les Abbatoirs, Toulouse.

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Manuel Ángeles Ortiz en las colecciones jiennenses, Jaén Museum.
Pintures i objectes, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona.
Manuel Ángeles Ortiz y el retrato, Itinerant Granada and Jaén. Organized by the Junta de Andalucia.
Manuel Angeles Ortiz. Obra gráfica. Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum, Marbella.
Exposición homenaje, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona.
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Manuel Angeles Ortiz en Granada. Fine Arts Museum of Granada.  Carlos V Palace Alhambra. Granada.
Un retablo para Maese Pedro. The sceneries made by Manuel Angeles Ortiz, Hernando Viñes and Hermenegildo Lanz for the play of Manuel de Falla El retablo de Maese Pedro (1923)  were presented In this exhibition. Itinerant:  Archivo Manuel de Falla , Granada, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona, Residencia de Estudiantes, Madrid.
Exposicón retrospectiva, Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid.
Los Condes de Gabia Palace, Granada.
Contemporary Art Museum, Seville.
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House of Spain, Paris.
La rosa inmortal de Manuel Angeles Ortiz. Federico García Lorca’s House Museum, Fuente Vaqueros.
Canem gallery, Castellón.
Grabados. Arc-en-Ciel gallery, Granada.
Retorno a la ciudad y a su tiempo. Salón de la Academia, Granada.
Exposición homenaje, Madraza Palace, Granada
Exposición homenaje. The book Memoria de Granada: Manuel Angeles Ortiz y Federico García-Lorca by Antonina Rodrigo was presented In this exhibition.
Exposición homenaje, House of Spain, Paris.
School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades, Granada.
Palace Gallery, Granada.
Manuel de Falla Auditorium / Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, Granada.
Itinerant: Spanish Museum of contemporary art, Madrid, Contemporary Art Museum, Seville and  Provincial and Archeological Museum, Jaén.
Ignacio de Lassaletta Gallery, Barcelona.
Sala de Exposiciones, Banco de Granada, Granada.
Juana Mordó Gallery, Madrid.
Recalde Gallery, Bilbao.
Manuel Angeles Ortiz, dibujos y papeles recortados”, Litoral Gallery, Alicante.
Sala de Exposiciones, Banco de Granada, Granada.
Juana Mordó Gallery, Madrid.
Contemporary Art National Museum, Madrid.
Fina Gómez Foundation, Madrid.
R. Creuze Gallery, Paris.
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Henriette Niepce Gallery, Paris.
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Müller Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Müller Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Müller Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Dibujos 1920, L. Flanning Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Friends of Arts Society. Bibliotecas y Museos Palace, Madrid.
Berger Gallery, Paris.
4 Chemins Gallery , Paris.
Artistic Center (with Ramón Carazo), Granada.


Manuel Angeles Ortiz - Museums and collections (selection)

MOMA, New York.
Napoléonien Museum, Ile d’Aix.
Grenoble Museum.
Banc de Sabadell Foundation, Barcelona.
Mapfre Foundation, Madrid.
IVAM Museum, Valencia.
Government of Andalucia
Fine Arts Museum, Granada.
Fine Arts Museum, Jaen.
Malaga Museum.
MªJ Jové Foundation, A Corunya.
Fundació Federico García-Lorca, Madrid.
Ángel Barrios Museum, Granada.
Contemporary art Museum, Sevilla.

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