Manuel Angeles Ortiz

Within the Barcelona Gallery Weekend present an exhibition dedicated  to Manuel Angeles Ortiz (1895- 1984). This time, we wanted to delve into the artist's relationship with Granada, a city he considered his and that marked his painting deeply. Series like "Paseo de Cipreses", "Albaicines" or "Mysterious Alhambra" arise reunion with their city painter in the late 50. This return is a boost for his work. From there all his famous series of "Heads", "multihead", "Profiles" ... and with them the period of fulfillment of his work emerge. As a differentiating factor in this new exhibition, in addition to paintings we have added a significant amount of works on paper in which spontaneity and freshness with which addresses the aforementioned issues intrinsically granadinos seen.



Obras de Manuel Angeles Ortiz artista de la escuela española de París