This site uses both temporary cookies as permanent session cookies. The cookies store session data only while the user
access the web and permanent cookies store data in the terminal to be accessed and used in more than one session.

According to the purpose for which the data obtained through the cookies are addressed, the web can use:

Cookies techniques

They are those that allow the user to navigate through the website or application and use of different options or services in
it there. For example, control traffic and data communication, identify the session, access restricted web parts, remember
the elements of an order, make the request for registration or participation in an event, use security features for the
navigation and store content for broadcast video or sound.

Cookies Customization

They are those that allow the user to access the service with some features general predefined in the terminal or the own
user defined. For example, language, type of browser through which you access the service, design selected content, geolocation
the terminal and the locale from which you access the service.

Cookies advertising

There are those that enable the effective management of advertising spaces that are included on the website or application from which lends the
service. Allow to adjust the content of advertising for this is relevant to the user and to avoid showing ads the user has already

Cookies statistical analysis

They are those that allow the monitoring and analysis of user behavior on websites. The information collected through this
type of cookies is used in measuring the activity of web, application or platform sites for profiling navigation
users of these sites, in order to introduce service improvements based on usage data that users make.

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