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Augusto Torres

Augusto Torres

Augusto Torres was born in Terrassa, Barcelona, in 1913. Son of Joaquin Torres-García, his family environment and the travels around the globe with his family will be a key factor in his artistic vocation.

Between 1919 and 1926 the family relocates several times: New York, Paris, New York again and Italy are the places they live until they settle in France, first in Ville Franche sur Mer and later in Paris.

At their arrival at the French capital, they settle at Jean Helión’s house who initiates the young Augusto in the ancient African sculpture. There, the friends of the family will be Van Doesburg, Delanuay, Calder, Arp, Mondrian, Severini…with whom the young Augusto will share conversations.

In 1928, he is contracted by the Musée du Trocadero (now Musée d el’Homme) to illustrate and inventory their collection of Nazca and Inca vases, awakening his interest in the history, art, metaphysic and customs of the ancient American Indians.

In 1930 helps Julio González with a replica of Picasso’s “Hommage to Apollinaire”, this allows him to meet the Spanish master as he visits the studio frequently. This year will also the one of his first exhibition, a group show with his sisters Ifigenia and Olimpia at 23 gallery.

Amadée Ozenfant will be his drawing professor, and will study for a year with him until his family moves again, this time to Madrid. There, the visits to the Museo del Prado and the works of El Greco and Velázquez will deeply mark him.

After participating in an exhibition at the Salon des Surindependents in Paris, his father decides to move to his natal Montevideo with his family. This will be a turning point for Augusto, as his father establishes the Asociación de Arte Constructivo (association of constructivist art) and his son will be part of it. The aesthetic ideas behind it are clear: rationality and structure. There he is known as “el catalán” and in 1940 he presents his first show in Montevideo alongside Alceu Ribeiro.

His interest in pre-Colombian art takes him to travel with his brother Horacio and his friend Ribeiro trough Bolivia and Peru to visit the places where those cultures could still be studied.

In 1942 his father opens the Taller Torres-García (Torres-García workshop) where he will teach constructivism to a generation of young painters, such Augusto himself, Julio Alpuy, Gonzalo Fonseca, José Gurvich, Francisco Matto or Alceu Ribeiro among many others. He will exhibit in the taller’s shows and in the making of the famous murals of the Saint-Bois hospital in Montevideo.

After the death of his father in 1949, Augusto continues his work on the Taller and marries his fellow student Elsa Andrada. During the 50s he will collaborate with the architect Antonio Bonet and will visit Europe frequently, exhibiting there several times.

In 1960, he earns a grant from The New School in New York, this allows him to organize an exhibition dedicated to the Taller and also to present his first solo show there.

He will close the Taller Torres-Garcia in 1965 and after years of travelling between Europe and Latin America, he moves to Barcelona in 1975 and for the rest of his life, he will live between there and Montevideo while travelling around the glove.

In the 1980s he will take part in several institutional exhibitions such as the Santa Barbara Museum of Arts in California, America’s Society and The Bronx Museum in New York, The Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, or the Italian-American institute in Rome, among many others. In Barcelona, the Fundació Miró will present in 1988 the book “Augusto Torres” by the writer, philosopher and former member of the Taller, Guido Castillo.

Augusto Torres passes away in Barcelona in March 1992.

Augusto Torres CV


2 murals: on wood (2,75 x 14,74) and on clay (2,72 x 16’5) in Barcelona in collaboration  with the architect Antoni Bonet.
Mural on canvas, 4 x 1’60 m at the Discount Bank Overseas Ltd in Montevideo.
Carved in polychrome wood mural (27m2), collaborating with the architect Antoni Bonet in Barcelona.
Mural in clay de 4 x 2’5 m in Montevideo at the house of the architect Ernesto Leborgne.
Collaborates with the architect Antoni Bonet with a great mural in limestone for the Banco Río de la Plata of Montevideo.
Mural in relief, Liceo Miranda, Montevideo in collaboration with his brother Horacio by commission of the architect Antoni Bonet.
Mural ( 2 x 6 m,) for the Sindicato Médico of Montevideo,
1945- 52
Collaborates with the architect Antoni Bonet en Buenos Aires.
Takes part in the  27 murals that  Joaquin Torres-García and his students from his Taller paint at the Hospital de Saint Bois, Montevideo.
Makes a great mural at the architect de Freddy Gutman’s house, in Buenos Aires.

Work in museums

Miró Foundation, Barcelona.
Museum Of ModernArt (MOMA). New York.
Jack S.Blanton Museum, Austin, Texas.
Museum of Visual Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Torres-García Museum, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Selected solo exhibitions

Augusto Torres, Paintings and Drawings, Cecilia de Torres, Ltd., New York.
Augusto Torres, Sammer Gallery, Miami, USA.
Augusto Torres, De las misiones Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Augusto Torres,Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona.
Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas.
Augusto Torres, Centre Cultural Caixa de Terrassa, Barcelona
Augusto Torres, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona.
Torres-García Museum and Cabildo of Montevideo, Montevideo.
America’s Society, New York.
Form, Estructure, Synthesis - the paintings of Augusto Torres, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California.
Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Dau al Set Gallery, Barcelona.
Dau al Set Gallery , Barcelona.
IXII Bienal of the Modern Art Museum of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Monzón Galleries, Madrid.
Moretti Gallery , Buenos Aires.
Moretti Gallery, Buenos Aires.
Montevideo Gallery, Montevideo.
Wood, Construction & Painting at The New School, Nueva York

Selected group exhibitions

El Taller Torres-García, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona.
Constructive Spirit: Abstract Art in South and North America, 1920s-50s. Newark Museum, New Jersey and Amon Carter Museum, Forth Worth, Texas.
Constructivism in Relief, Taller Torres Garcia. Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas.
Sala Dalmau Gallery , Barcelona.
ARCO 2008, Sur Gallery , Madrid.
Forma, Linea, Gesto, Escritura: Aspectos del Dibujo en America del Sur, MuVIM, Valencia.
ARCO 2007, Sur Gallery, Madrid.
Murales del Taller Torres-Garcia, Museo Gurvich, Montevideo.
ARCO 2006, Sur Gallery, Madrid.
Works On & Of Paper, Cecilia de Torres, Art Gallery, New York.
25 anys de galeria, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona.
Francisco Matto & Augusto Torres, Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas.
Modernism in Montevideo, New York & Buenos Aires-1930s-1970s, Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas
The School of the South: El Taller Torres-García, Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas.
A Latin American Metaphysical Perspective, Cecilia de Torres Gallery, New York.
Itinerant exhibition: Latin American Still Life: Reflections of Time & Place, Katonah Art Museum, New York and El Museo del Barrio, New York.
Itinerant exhibition El Taller Torres-García, Sala Dalmau Gallery, Barcelona (1998),  Centre Cultural Caixa de Terrassa, Terrassa  (Barcelona) (1999).
Primera Bienal del Mercosur, Porto Alegre, Brazil.  The murals of the Saint Bois Hospital of Montevideo were exhibited in collaboration the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay.
La Escueladel Sur, Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, New York.
La Escueladel Sur – El taller Torres-García, Iturralde Gallery, Los Angeles.
A Escola do Sul Pavilhao Cultural Renée Behar, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
La Escuela del Sur, Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezuela.
Torres-García y 10 Artistas del Taller, Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires.
El Taller Torres-García, Central Museum of Costa Rica, San Juan, Costa Rica.
The Still life, Cecilia de Torres Gallery, New York.
Le Cercle Torres-García,  Zabriskie Gallery, Paris.
Constructive Universalism, Art Museum of the Americas, Washington.
65 Years of Constructivist Wood:1930-1995. Cecilia de Torres Gallery, New York.
Torres-García y la Escuela del Sur, Quinta Gallery, Bogota, Colombia.
ARCO’92, Forni Gallery, Madrid.
Itinerant exhibition La Escuela del Sur: El Taller Torres-García y su legado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofía de Madrid (1991); The Archer M.Huntington Art Gallery, Austin, Texas (1991); Monterrey Museum, México (1992). Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York (1993) and  Rufino Tamayo Museum, City of Mexico (1993).
Circle & Square, Geometric Abstraction & Constructivism in the Americas 1934- 50, Kouros Gallery, New York.
Itinerant exhibition Arte Contemporáneo Uruguayo, Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow and Italo-latinamerican Institute, Rome.
Tokyo International Art Fair, Marianovich Art, Tokyo.
Itinerant exhibition (1988-90)The Latin American Spirit, Art & Artists in the United States, 1920-1970”The Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York (1988); El Paso Museum of Art, Texas ; San Diego Museum of Art; Puerto Rican Institute of Culture, San Juan; Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida.
Torres-García and his Legacy, Kouros Gallery, New York.
4 Schüler Von Torres-García, Kunsthalle Gallery, Dusseldorf.
Biennales of Porto Alegre, Venice, Sao Paulo, Mexico and Colombia.
Jockey Club, Montevideo.
Exhibition on the Taller Torres-García at The New School, New York.
XXIX Exposition dels Surindepéndents.
Jonges Schilders uit Uruguay, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam .
First important exhibition in Montevideo with Alceu Ribeiro.
Salon des Surindependents, Paris.
Zak Gllery, Paris.
23 Gallery , Paris.