Augusto Torres

Augusto Torres in our gallery

We close the festivities of the 25th anniversary of Sala Dalmau with this exhibition that reminds us of the moments spent by Augusto Torres in our gallery and the friendship that we shared with him- For this occasion we have selected around thirty works that come from Montevideo, New York, and Barcelona from the bountiful period between 1970 and 1980.

The childhood and youth of Augusto Torres was a come and go all around the world: born in Terrassa in 1931, he went to New York, Paris, Madrid, Fiesole… All these travels allowed him to know firsthand the avantgardes of the first decades of the 20th century or the classical art of Rome, something that gave him a great cultural background unseen in someone of his age. When he moves back with his father to Montevideo and joins the Asociación de Arte Constructivo first and the Torres-Garcia workshop later, his artistic training is greater than the other young disciples.

After the passing of Joaquin Torres-García, his father, he takes on the direction of the workshop, but keeps studying and travelling all around the world, visiting from the Indian reservations in the USA to Brazil, as well as all Europe.

He always had a close relation with Barcelona, between 1973 and 1981 he lives in our city and it’s during this time that we met Augusto Torres in our gallery, as he was a frequent visitor. After moving back to Montevideo, he keeps travelling and visits Egypt, China or Nepal, looking for new cultures and spiritualities, something that always fascinated him, and it’s reflected on the metaphysical of his work. 

In 1985 he returns to Barcelona, where he will live until his death in 1992. After his passing, the presence of the work of Augusto Torres in our gallery has become regular: our friendship with him and that is still going with his widow, Elsa Andrada, lead us to organize an homage exhibition in1996 and to include him in our shows dedicated to the avantgardes and constructivism.

In our 25th anniversary we want to vindicate this artist again, to highlight the influence of Augusto Torres in our gallery, as it was him, alongside with the work of his father, who initiated an interest in constructivist, that has become a trademark of our gallery.



Obra de Augusto Torres en nuestra galería en la exposición celebrada en 2004