In this exhibition we show a portrait of the gallery. We present works of our favourite historical artists, like Manuel Ángeles Ortiz, Francisco Bores, Joaquín Torres-García, José Gurvich, Alceu Ribeiro, J.Fín, Augusto Torres, Javier Vilató, Jacint Salvadó or Hernando Viñes  as well as the ones from the contemporary artists we work with such as Jordi Amagat, Joan Capella, García- Llort, Jorge Gay, Víctor Pedra or Miguel Peña.

Alceu Ribeiro
Jacinto Salvadó
Manuel Angeles Ortiz
Joaquín Torres-Garcia
Miguel Peña
Jordi Amagat
Jorge Gay
Víctor Pedra
Josep Maria Garcia-Llort
Joan Capella
Juan Alcalde
José Gurvich
Javier Vilató
Hernando Viñes
Francisco Bores
Augusto Torres
Cristina Escape