Miguel Villarino

Miguel Villarino The dark night and the lonely bird.

We present a new solo exhibition if Miguel Villarino in our gallery. In 2018 “Aire de vidrio (air of glass)” marked his debut with us in a show that featured selected works fromdifferent periods of his career, this time we have focused in his recent paintings, done as a series and with a common subject.

To Miguel Villarino The dark night and the lonely bird is a reflection on the ability of the human being to face everyday setbacks. Inspired by the famous poem written by Saint John of the Cross “Dark Night of the Soul”, the painter uses this symbol to, as he puts it, “design the purifying experiences the human being goes trough in certain moments of its life”. The death of a loved one, an illness, the losing of values a personal or professional failure, can lead us to dark periods when we can feel sadness, angst, loneliness… They drive us to a feeling of void that can lead us to isolate ourselves or to despair, unable to see an exit, to see future as something better.

With this show Villarino wants to offer an alternative to unrest and hopelessness, he suggests us to use those emotions to turn those experiences in something valuable and enriching. Those nocturnal urban landscapes show us the city as a labyrinth as well as a miracle city where the lonely bird, who is no other than the human being, raises flight to see the scenario with perspective, to escape from darkness. In a path he goes on his own, he begins an initiation journey to be reborn, emerge from the night of the soul and recover its inner peace.

The exhibition  Miguel Villarino - The dark night and the lonely bird can be visited until April 30th