Juan de Andrés

Juan de Andrés in Barcelona.

With the title “Diálogos silenciosos (Silent dialogues)”, we present a new exhibition of Juan de Andrés in Barcelona. In early 2020 we presented his latest show with us, but a few days after the opening the pandemic began and we were forced to confinement, therefore we are especially pleased to have the chance of showing again the work of Juan de Andrés in Barcelona.

These two difficult years haven’t stopped the veteran Uruguayan artist of keeping up working intensively, exploring space, equilibrium, or harmony in his personal collages. Juan de Andrés continues with the unrest and vitality of a young artist as his exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Uruguay can show.

This exhibition is focused in the two last years of the artist’s outcome. In his work we can appreciate the deep reflection he has done and the intimate dialogue he has developed with his collages before finishing them. His interest on materials is evident, in h is collages he mixed painting on canvas or wood indistinctly, adding volumes or playing with empty spaces.

Showing the work of Juan de Andrés in Barcelona is also a way of vindicating the link between the artist and our city, where he has lived for over thirty years. He has been a professor in prestigious institutions such as EINA and has joined the cultural life through his several exhibitions and his friendship with artists such as Ràfols-Casamada, Hernández Pijoan or Josep Guinovart without forgetting his classes in Sant Boi de Llobregat that led him to create the RASEN constructivist group.

In 2022 Juande Andrés has been the recipient of the FIGARI award, given by the Figari Museum in representation of the National Direction of Culture of the Ministry of Education and culture of Uruguay, in recognition to his career and stimulus to national creation. 

 “Diálogos silencionsos”, the new exhibition of Juan de Andrés in Barcelona can be visited until next December 30th, there you will enjoy the delicate poetry of this singular artist who turns his works into beautiful and balanced metaphysical compositions.



Obra de la nueva exposición de Juan de Andrés en Barcelona Juan de Andrés es galardonado con el premio Figari large collage on wood by the abstract Juan de Andrés at Sala Dalmau art gallery in Barcelona Collage en madera de pequeño formato del artista Juan de Andrés Collage on wood by the artist Juan de Andrés at Sala Dalmau art gallery in Barcelona Art gallery in Barcelona Sala Dalmau presents an exhibition dedicated to Juan de Andrés