Víctor Pedra

We present an exhibition of recent works by Victor Pedra in our gallery, it’s a selection of oils on canvas and on paper and sculptures in iron from the last couple of years.

The pictorial world of Pedra has often been linked to the theme of the circus, something that allows him to play with the shapes and the contortions of the body, creating compositions full of movement. This time, although present, the acrobatics are far more reduced, giving its place to many beach scenes: a group of people having an appetizer on the sand, bathers or a bunch of kids with a floater are everyday scenes that are now combined with the typical surrealists works that characterize the author.

The scenes Pedra portraits this time are very fresh, they are simple, but he treats them with such a vehemence that contrasts with the lightweight of the subjects. Every small detail of the composition like a fruit, an animal or an umbrella can acquire a greater relevance than the human figures, mainly feminine, that populate his paintings.

The women that are typical of his work, seem to evoke Eva at the Paradise, a small world full of pleasures (drinking, eating, a bath in the sea…), that seems to tell us that any human action can be joyful. Even the smallest thing, such as watching a bird flying can turn into a pleasure if faced with a carefree spirit.

O this occasion, Pedra has given special relevance ot sculpture. It’s a group of unique pieces in iron, most of them painted, that are an extension of his painting. On them he plays with the space, creating everyday compositions on which the projected shadows are also a part of the work. Pedra works these sculptures up to the smallest detail: he even paints their bases, usually including little stories that complement to perfection to main theme of the work.



Mujer en el balcón es una obra reciente de Víctor Pedra que presentamos en la exposición