Pablo Bruera

With the title “Any shape” We present a new exhibition of the sculptor Pablo Bruera in our gallery.

In the work of Bruera movement and interaction with the audience are key elements, his sculptures tend to be mobile and it’s the direct action¡ if the viewer what gives them a new dimension, each movement offers a different result. These typical aspects of his work are accented in this exhibition, where we are including several works done during the confinement, a time where these concepts, touching and moving, of which we have been deprived, acquire even more relevance.

The intention of Bruera is the audience participates, he wants them to take a stand regarding the sculpture and to confront it, with the freedom to move it at his or her will, of choosing which void can complete each shape. It’s a little challenge that invites us even to show our aesthetic preferences, as we explain what is beauty to us when we choose a movement.

 This exhibition features a novelty in Bruera’s oeuvre, to his sculptures and prints we have to add a series of illuminated collages. Light boxes where the artists plays with shadows and where, in contrast to his sculptures where color is barely present, color has a major role with a chromatic explosion that gives great power to the works.

Bruera wants his sculptures to reflect his ideas. Pablo is a person who stays away from dogma and considers that the right to dissent is essential, as without dissent, we only have uniformity and one way of thinking. His moving works reflect those ideas. As he says in the text that opens the catalogue: “if I insist in these formal points, it’s because I believe that shape is content. This assertion is valid for the organization of society as it is for the organization of plastic elements. There is a connection between the values and principles that I stand for and guide mu artistic activity and the ones I believe should govern our societies. I think it’s an ethical question. A way to understand the world where freedom, rights, logic and thought, create harmony and beauty”.