Miguel Peña

We present a new exhibition of Miguel Peña in our gallery. It’s a selection of his latest pieces, on which his work shows a serious transformation, mainly on a technical level due to the greater role of collage.

His artistic world still reminds us of Greek and Roman classicism, but it is a rarefy recovery, in the vein of the one that could have done Giorgio de Chirico, and it keeps the thematic coherence that has always been typical of him. His personal iconography is still present, interlaced nudes or everyday situations generate an unreal eroticism that sneaks into daily life. Peña’s imaginary is distorted, with open, dislocated scenes, with articulated volumes that blend into the composition creating a sort of giant theatre, overwhelming and dramatic on which the daily transcends what it’s around it.

On this show an important change has occurred in the technique of Miguel Peña. The painting, that has always been his main form of expression, has been reduced to a couple of oils on canvas, and what he is currently presenting us are a series of works where collage has acquired a greater role than ever before. It’s a collage that gets totally integrated on the picture, in a way that at first glance it can be imperceptible. The compositions still have the disturbing atmosphere that has been typical of him, but the introduction of collage allows Peña to do every kind of game and variation. This collage is not only on paper, but also on wood and even on carpet, Miguel has been quite daring and has used almost every material he has found given a personal strength to his work.

Ribermusica has collaborated with us in this exhibition, and during the opening we will have a guitar duo formed by Ksenia Axelroud and Joan Benejam who will perform a selection of guitar pieces by Spanish composers.