Mauricio Sbarbaro

Mauricio Sbarbaro in our gallery.

With the title of “Xarranca” We present the second solo exhibition of the Uruguayan painter Mauricio Sbarbaro in our gallery. It is a selection of oil paintings on canvas in various formats that the artist has produced over the last three years.

Born in Montevideo in 1960, in the mid-1990s Sbarbaro moved to Catalonia, where he developed the bulk of his career, with special emphasis on his links to Cadaqués. From the Atlantic Ocean of his native Uruguay to the Mediterranean Sea of his adopted land, the water, the beach and everything that surrounds it have marked his work.

In his oil paintings, the Costa Brava has become one of his main inspirations. The colour of the water, with all its nuances and play of light, the night on the beach with the sea vibrating in the moonlight and the golden glow of the sand bathed by the sun, are themes that he develops ad infinitum.

Sbarbaro interprets this environment with lines and colours, from the blue of the sea to the black of the burnt mountains, the grey of the fog or the ochre of the beaches. The schematic nature of his geometry invites us to want to discover what his paintbrush is proposing to us.

The exhibition of Mauricio Sbarbaro in our gallery con be visited until February 17th. We invite you to see his new works, in which water and light are once again the protagonists.



Mauricio Sbarbaro es un pintor abstracto nacido en Uruguay y residente en la Costa Brava