During the month of October we will present the exhibition “La natura morta a l’obra de J.Fín” (the still life in the work of J.Fín), a show focusing in the theme of the still life in the work of J.Fín, member of the Spanish School of Paris. Our gallery has always supported his work and with this exhibition we want to highlight he relevance of his artistic proposal in the postwar art of Barcelona.

About thirty canvases and papers are part of the exhibition that covers from the arrival of the artist to Paris in 1946 until 1965. In his early Parisian years, abstraction coexists with more figurative moments, although it is a very somber period, with works almost monochromatic and austere. Over the years, his work will soften a bit, acquiring a more poetical and personal tone. In his still lifes, the change will be evident, evolving from naked works, very austere and close to expressionism, to a paintings, collages and gouaches full of birds, fishes and musical instruments on which color, before absent, will gain an unexpected force and potency.

Due to the exhibition, a collector will donate trough our gallery the work “Cadires i peixos” to the MACBA museum. It is one of the most relevant paintings in the show, an oil on canvas from 1965, and one of the few large works by the artist (q56 x 130 cm.)during his later years, when he was seriously ill.

Our exhibition coincides with the show dedicated to Ramon Rogent at Artur Ramon gallery. He was another renovator of the postwar Catalan art and close friend of Fín. This is a unique chance to discover the work of these two renovators of the Catalan plastic from the mid-20th century, whose work has not been valued enough and deserves a complete revision.



Obra de la exposición J. Fin en 1996