Avantguardes Històriques

Historical avant-gardes 2002.

We begin the year with an exhibition dedicated to the historical avant-gardes, focusing in the artists of what is known as the Spanish school of Paris.

Among the most interesting works we can find two oils on canvas by Hernando Viñes, from the decade of the late 30s and early 40s, which show one of his recurring themes, interiors with the woman as protagonist.

We have been able to include a piece from the brief surrealist period of Benjamin Palencia, who despite being known for his Castilian landscapes with great poetic charge, worked with Joaquin Torres-García during the years that the Uruguayan master created a constructivist group in Madrid.

 The most important work of the exhibition is “Abstracción”, from 1946 by J.Fín. This monumental collage on canvas of 200 x 200 cm, corresponds to the years the artist spends in the building of La Ruche, shortly after his arrive to Paris. In this period of his work he enters into abstraction, something he hadn’t done before, nor will he do again. It’s a moment when he is having severe economic problems, which forces him to use any material he can to work. This can clearly be seen in this piece, where painter uses holey sackcloth and pieces of cardboard to create a work of great strength. We are very grateful to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía for allowing us to exhibit the work that has been purchased by them shortly before the opening, in what means the entrance of Fín in one of the most important museums and recognition to his career.

 The exhibition is completed with works by Juan Alcalde, Francisco Bores, Manuel Angeles Ortiz, Antoni Clavé, Jacint Salvadó, Ismael de la Serna, Javier Vilató or Honorio García Condoy, and sculptor from Zaragoza of whom we present two drawings.


Manuel Angeles Ortiz
Jacinto Salvadó
Hernando Viñes
Juan Alcalde
Francisco Bores
Javier Vilató


Obra de José Vilató Ruiz (J.Fín) que forma parte de nuestra exposición de vanguardias históricas