Víctor Pedra

We present a new exhibition of Victor Pedra (Barcelona 1955) in our gallery, it is a selection of oils on canvas and paper as well as his sculptures in painted iron. It’s a group of 30 works he has done during the last year.

This time the circus theme, although still present, moves to the background. Pedra focuses on daily themes, he reaffirms himself as the painter of the visible reality, but always with his personal prism that makes him translate everything he sees with irony and humor, giving the everyday scenes he depicts a subtle poetry. Even though the masculine figure is present, in general it’s the woman who is in the center of the compositions.

The work of Pedra oozes optimism and joy, the everyday scenes that now appear in his paintings are always based in small details of his daily life, combining them with surrealist touches that give his art a subtle lyricism.

This time the compositions are full of elements, such as small details that can hide in anypart of the piece: “if any given moment I draw a tree, I want that figure to represent the branches and its possible population, the fall of a leave or its roots…That is why the drawn motifs in the background, mainly in the sculptures, they are just clues for the viewer, but they shouldn’t condition the lecture, but just give a starting point of a very circular concept journey, where every interpretation is welcome”.

Pedra doesn’t close doors, he wants the public to join his work freely. Even though he knows what he wants to express, he wants his work to remain open to anyone looking. This complicity with the audience is what finally gives sense to his oeuvre.

The exhibition of Victor Pedra will remain open until november 3rd. 



obra de la exposición de Víctor Pedra en la galería de arte Sala Dalmau