El sur de Picasso

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El sur de Picasso

From October 9th to the 3rd of February 2019, the Museo Picasso of Malaga presents the exhibition “El sur de Picasso. Referencias andaluzas” (Picasso’s south. Andalusian references), a show focusing in the influence of Andalusia and its heritage in the work of the maestro from Malaga.

Andalusia is a melting pot of cultures: alongside the Arabian heritage, Iberian, Phoenicians and the Greek and Roman culture are part of Andalusia’s history. The exhibition includes a selection of archeological vestiges of all of them, reflecting how Picasso always had an open eye to any form of art that could interest him.

 The bulk of the exhibition is make up by a relevant selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphic works by Picasso himself, these are confronted to an important selection of works by great masters such as El Greco, Sánchez Cotán, van der Hamen, Zurbarán, Velázquez, Alonso Cano, Antonio de Pereda, Murillo, Camprobín, Juan de Zurbarán, Pedro de Mena, Meléndez, Goya, María Blanchard, Juan Gris, Moreno Villa or Ismael González de la Serna. His close friend and artist of our gallery Manuel Angeles Ortiz also has an outstanding presence.

 El sur de Picasso takes special notice of the themes that over the years have had a recurring importance in the artist’s career such as bullfighting, the still life, death or motherhood. These, are presented in a way that we can appreciate how Picasso has always been identified with Spanish artistic legacy, of which he has been not only the heir, but one of his main renovators.

This exhibition is especially relevant, not only for its interesting approach, that allows us to see the artists in a different light, but also for the collaboration of important instutions all over the globe such as the Musée National Picasso or the Centre Pompidou in Paris, el Kunstmuseum Basel de Basel,  the Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Madrid or the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, as well as several private collections that have lent pieces that are rarely seen by the general public.


Alejandro Viladrich and Silvia Goltzman


El sur de Picasso