Víctor Pedra

We present a new exhibition by Victor Pedra in our gallery.

Pedra left Barcelona around a decade ago to settle in a small town by the Pyrenees of just 10 people. This change has allowed him to have a large house that he uses as study, a great space that has helped him to develop without space problems not only his paintings but also his sculptures.

The theme of his works has evolved, because, even if the women are still the center of his work, the landscapes surrounding him have slowly been featured more and more in his artwork. Pedra considers himself a realistic painter in the sense that his inspiration comes from reality, despite the surrealist touch that he includes in his paintings and sculptures, therefore in this exhibition even if some of his regular landscapes still appear, there is a change. Foxes, owls, snails, trees of every kind have taken over his work, which now stays away from the urban landscapes or the beach scenes. Pedra has limited his palette a lot: some of the works are almost monochromatic, with just a color explosion in a part of the piece that gives contrast to the conjunct.

 His sculptures of painted iron are now joined by some other that have been rusted and have a very different atmosphere, more serious, where he experiment with different themes and techniques, as well as adding some found objects such as a cart wheel or an old tool.

A few years ago, Victor Pedra began to use river stones for his work. He looks for stones that have been softened by the river stream and works on them turning them into small, very particular, artworks where he loosens himself and gives total freedom to his imagination.

The show will be open until November 4th.