Jacint Salvadó

Retrospective of Jacint Salvadó.

We begin the 2023-2024 season by presenting a retrospective of Jacint Salvadó, a key artist in the evolution of abstract painting in the 20th century.

The painter from Mont-Roig del Camp is closely linked to our gallery, we have presented his work on several occasions, but this time we offer a particularly broad view, with works from the 1930s to the 1980s that allow us to see the complete evolution of the artist.

In the 1920s, Salvadó made his first exhibitions with a work close to expressionism, but already in the 1930s he moved into abstraction, with pieces ahead of his time that include compositions with strings that other artists would later take up again or colourful abstract paintings with great rhythm and gestures that he would continue in the 1940s.

From the 1950s onwards he became interested in geometry, taking part in the first editions of the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles in Paris, organised by Auguste Herbin, a reference in geometric abstraction. Salvadó followed this line, but he also came close to Informalism, with highly expressive works, the fruit of his contact with Viera da Silva.

In the last years of his life, Salvadó devoted himself exclusively to a geometric abstraction of great personality, a joyful, explosively colourful painting in which he would immerse himself until his death.

This retrospective of Jacint Salvadó coincides with a period of claim of the artist. After his death in 1983, he had been relatively forgotten, but over the last two decades his work has been recovered with major solo exhibitions at the MNCARS, the Museo de Bellas Artes in Tarragona and the Cervantes Institute in Paris. In addition, institutions such as the Vila Casas Foundation and the MNAC have acquired works for their permanent collections.

This retrospective of Jacint Salvadó can be visited until 10 November.



Jacinto Salvadó acrílico sobre tela de su etapa de plenitud Retrospectiva de Jacinto Salvadó - Retrospectiva de Jacint Salvadó - Retrospective of Jacint Salvadó Obra de Jacinto Salvado en la galería de arte de Barcelona Sala Dalmau