Jordi Amagat

Re-visió by Jordi Amagat.

We present the exhibition Re-visió by Jordi Amagat, a retrospective exhibition that covers the bulk of the artist's caree. These 2024 marks 35 years since we incorporated Amagat into the gallery's group of artists and it was the perfect moment to show his evolution over the years.

In Amagat's work, a world close to abstraction and a personal figurative work have always coexisted. From the early 90s we present different works on paper that show his mastery of the material, as well as his interest in colour, which in these years is centred on earth tones.

Over the years, Amagat incorporated the human figure, a strong, robust presence, which he usually presents with a delicacy that brings him close to art deco. This figure is joined by solid, dreamlike landscapes that conceal faces, stories, mysteries... as well as a freer use of colour, broadening the palette and bringing new chromatic nuances to his compositions. In his most recent paintings, black takes over the work, but its combination with strokes of powerful reds and yellows offers us a new and vibrant result.

From the outset, the artist from Girona has drawn on historical avant-garde movements such as cubism, surrealism, metaphysical painting and art deco to develop his own particular universe in which landscapes, figures and, especially, faces are concealed. Throughout his career, he has made these influences his own to give rise to a personal figuration that he has gradually stripped of unnecessary effects and elements in order to focus on everything that is essential to him.

Re-visió by Jordi Amagat includes all the artist's registers: from small drawings to large acrylics on canvas, paper and wood, as well as his particular collages offering a complete vision of his career.

The artist himself sums up this retrospective: "The Greeks created the figure of the "Ouroboros", represented by a snake that eats its tail, as a way of saying that all processes are cyclical and that they are always the same with different forms and contexts.

I think that this exhibition represents precisely this, a compilation of works that over time meet again and the traces of the past and the present are maintained as an endless cycle".

Re-visió by Jordi Amagat can be visited until 18 May.



Exposición Re-visió de Jordi Amagat - Jordi Amagat - Re-visió - Re-visió by Jordi Amagat