Jorge Gay

Journey through the life of Jorge Gay

“Yo nací la noche que murió Pavese” (I was born the day Pavese died) is the title of the new exhibition of Jorge Gay in our gallery. The shows of this Aragonese artist use to have a common theme, in this case a journey through the life of Jorge Gay, his artistic trajectory, his experiences, his cities…

All the works of the show have a sole title “La memoria, lo sentimental y lo representado” (The memory, the sentimental, the represented) with the only difference of a numeral. It’s a way of saying where he comes from to be able to go farther in his creative process. This exhibition is in a way a review to all the elements that have shaped him as an artist, including not only the memories from the past, but also a meaning of life towards the future.

Gay has done a very personal synthesis of two of his most evident influences, cubism and the Italian metaphysical painting, he uses them to put his memories in order, to evoke places and key moments of his life. His painting still has the harmony and the light that have characterized him, and also the duality his work has always had: light and gloom, glowing and mute colors, shadows and vitality…

Zaragoza, Venice, Rome or Paris are some of the cities that the artists visits in this travel, sky, sea, still lifes, interiors that at the same time are exteriors, all make up the story of his life that he shows in these recovered memories  that never stop looking at the future.

The painter “piles up” references: cultural, personal, urbanistic, even luminous. Jorge Gay has defined this exhibition as “the trajectory of my life, it’s the ordering of the memory”, but it’s also a vindication of painting: “I don’t agree that painting is aged as language –he says-. I try to build it from my own gesture, from my heart and my brain. And in fulfillment of this emotion, this show is born”.    

This pictorial journey through the life of Jorge Gay will be open until November 9th.



ESta exposición es un recorrido por la vida de Jorge Gay, pintor aragonés de nuestra galería