Josep Mª Garcia-Llort 1965-2000 period.

From May 22nd and until June 30th, we present a new exhibition of Josep Maria Garcia-Llort in our gallery.

Garcia-Llort is, above all, a storyteller. In all of his works you can find a plot, a story, a little adventure. Communication, human or animal, is always present accompanied with a reflection on human condition, often loaded with irony.

It may seem that Garcia-Llort lives in a world of personal anecdotes in works such as “El hermano Pablo hablándonos del pecado y la virtud” (Brother Pablo preaching us on virtue and sin”), but he takes this personal experience, on which brother Pablo pillorying him in front of  his classmates with sarcasm, and turns it into a category where everyone can feel reflected, the one of victims and executioners.

The birds are a common element in Garcia-Llort’s painting. Taken from his journeys, mainly from his long stay on Louisiana, on these animals he merges reality and his own imagination creating new breeds. Is when he depicts animals, birds especially, when he shows his nicer and less ironical or satirical side. On them he sees some virtues such as kindness or innocence that often has been lost from human beings.

To complete the exhibition is a series of small sized inks on paper that, unlike the paintings, color disappears completely, focusing the artist in the steady stroke and his small stories.

García-Llort shows us again his total independence: his painting stands apart of vogues, its an stile on itself. The bright colors, the divided compositions that remind a Romanic glass window… Nothing is contemporary and everythis is at the same time. He is a contemporary of Ràfols-Casamada or Tàpies, but he has walked his own path, creating little everyday fables on which the references to his own life are used to reflect the good and the bad in our society.

The exhibition Josep Mª Garcia-Llort 1965-2000 period can be visited until June 30th.



Obra de la exposición Garcia-Llort periodo 1965-2000