Still dealing with artists linked with the avant-gardes, we exhibit for the first time in Barcelona the works of the photographer Josep Alemany (1895-1951), one of the great artists that went on exile. In 1915 He settles in the USA and developed there his career as a photographer. He is familiar with the works of the great photographers of his time such as Stieglitz, Man Ray… Since 1935 He exhibits in the most important national and international photography salons of the USA. In 1938 he visits the exhibition of the surrealists in Paris. Despite he already knew the movement, since that moment his works becomes more surrealistic.
We have selected thirty photographs taken between 1935 and 1939 under the title “Composicions i paisatges, Anys 30”. Provincetown landscapes (dunes and beaches), surrealistic compositions, objects in landscapes taken out of context such as “The song of the whale or ironic images such as “Expensive toys”… are a few examples.