Jorge Gay

Exhibition by Jorge Gay Molins

We close 2007 with a new exhibition by Jorge Gay Molins in our gallery. “En el país del viento (In the land of the wid)" is a selection of oil paintings on canvas and cardboard and collages that he has produced over the last year.

As usual with the painter from Zaragoza, the whole exhibition has a common thread, in this case the life of the Honduran painter Pablo Zelaya. Jorge Gay Molins discovered a painting of his in an old catalogue entitled "La chica del Huacal (The girl of the Huacal)" and its beauty inspired him and served as a stimulus for the current exhibition. 

Zelaya died at the age of 37. Born in Ojojona (Honduras), he moved to Spain, first arriving in Cadiz and then settling in Madrid, where he exhibited in the Independent Salons or in the Sociedad de Artistas Ibéricos (Iberic artists society), coinciding with artists such as Barradas, Vázquez Díaz and Benjamín Palencia. Illness forced him to return to his country, where he died prematurely, cutting short a promising career.

This is not the first time that a little-known and short-lived painter has served as the starting point for an exhibition by Jorge Gay Molins. In 1998 we presented "Las dulces y amargas tardes de Boris Kustodiev (The sweet and bitter afternoons of Boris Kustodiev)" in which he followed the career of an almost anonymous Russian painter. The blues and greys that filled that exhibition contrast with the warmth of the current exhibition, bathed in the light of Latin America, here oranges, greens, yellows and earth tones take over the work.

These paintings speak of the artist's journey from Honduras to Spain and his artistic quest. Lush still lifes of exotic Honduran fruits, misty landscapes immersed in the mist of Tegucigalpa and the aridity of the Spanish plateau accompany us on a journey through Pablo Zelaya's life's journey.

The exhibition by Jorge Gay Molins can be visited until 31 January.