Javier Lapuente

“A mitad de camino (Halfway through)" is the title of the new exhibition of Javier Lapuente in our gallery.

The exhibition comprises a selection of works he has been doing between 2016 and 2018, a selection of mixed techniques over canvas, paper and cardboard. It is a work on which the artist is true to his personal iconography and to his generation, the one of the 80s.

Glazes, dripping, pointillism and even the stream of water from a hose onto the canvas are some of the techniques he uses o work on his iconography, in which everyday elements such as a cup, a branch, the profile of a face, a ladder or a key, are treated as key parts of the composition, giving them a deep transcendence. With a few strokes, he gives them spirit.

In his work, he takes a variety of influences, brings them together and turns them into something personal: from the impressionists to Basquiat and from Picasso to Rothko, his work synthesizes several artistic movements of the 20th Century. They are present, but he takes them to his own universe combining them and obtaining a different result that has his own mark, thus allowing the work to completely identify with him, being his own.

 Javier Lapuente himself comments on his own work and the current exhibition: “As to my identity, I work with the elements of the soul, I try to nail down what is abstract. I go from the general to the particular, from color to shape. This iconographic forms introduced as real details are a term of my personal vocabulary. The objects compose, plan…I Compose using colors as abstractions and recompose when they have turned into objects.

 Starting off from nature, it is possible to go indifferently to imitation or to abstraction. Or remain halfway”.



Pintura de Javier Lapuente