Jacint Salvadó

Jacint Salvado 20 years after his death

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of his death, we present a new exhibition of Jacint Salvadó in our gallery. The collaboration of his widow, Marcelle Rezzonnico, and his son, Roch Salvadó, have been key to make “ Jacint Salvado 20 years after his death “ a very comprehensive show.

Salvadó is one of those characters of the world of the avant-gardes that is slowly being introduced to the world where he belongs. Known for a long time for being the model of the famous Picasso’s harlequin, his work is now being finally known by the general public.

The exhibition organized in 1994 was a challenge for our gallery. We were aware of his work thanks to the exhibitions at Juana Mordó’s gallery in Madrid (1973, 1976, 1981,1982) or Simone Heller’s in Paris (1971, 1972,1974,1977) and the fact that he had exhibited at the old Galeries Dalmau in 1921 is something that makes him even more interesting for us.

 After meeting the family of the artist and visiting his studios in Le Castellet and Paris, we decided to organize the aforementioned exhibition of 1994. Later on, there have been institutional shows such as the one presented at the Pia Almoina (Barcelona) in 1999 or the great retrospective at the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid in 2002 that have helped to make his work more and better known.

 Now, 20 years after his passing, we have decided to present this new exhibition. We have gathered 29 works that cover all his career, from his beginnings close to expressionism and his first forays into abstraction in the decade of the 1930s, his geometrical paintings of the 1950s and his interest on informalism during the 1960s to the latest and most fruitful period of his career: a return to geometrical abstraction that he will approach with an unexpected personal vision and an explosion of color.

The exhibition “ Jacint Salvado 20 years after his death “ can be visited until December 29th .



Obra de la exposición Jacinto Salvadó a los 20 años de su muerte