Hernando Viñes

Hernando Viñes in our gallery

We present a new exhibition of Hernando Viñes in our gallery, a complete retrospective that covers more than 60 years of career, from his beginnings in the 1920s Paris up to his colorful landscapes of the 1980s.

Since presented his first show with us in late 1919, Viñes has been a referent and an indispensable artist in our exhibitions dedicated to the historical avantgardes and the School of Paris. The friendship we had then with him, has continues through his daughter, Nina, who has collaborated with us this time.

The journey through the Parisian artist’s work begins with pieces from 1925, clearly influenced by cubism and where it can be appreciated that color will be fundamental to the painter. By the end of the 1920s and the early 1930s, he develops a personal Surrealism, but he would leave it behind soon because, as he said: “that wasn’t my way to work on painting”.

The bulk of the exhibition of Eduardo Viñes in our gallery are the works created since 1933, when has completely abandoned Surrealism and with cubism being just a long distant reference. His work has moved closer to artists such as Bonnard or Vuillard, a luminous figuration where the study of color is the key. His wife, Lulu Jordain, will be one of his sources of inspiration, and themes such as maternities, women reading on interiors or windows open to the exterior will characterize his painting.

Since the 1950s, light becomes one of the main interests of the artist, doing landscapes of Saint Jean de Luz. Since the 1960s he will look out for places such as Brittany, Provence or the Basque Country where he will search for the sun, trapping it with his palette of oranges, yellows or violets. In the 1980s he will focus in the seaside of Roscoff or Port Blanc until 1988, when his health forces him to stop painting.

The exhibition of Hernando Viñes our gallery can be visited until next December 30th.




Obras del pintor Hernando Viñes en nuestra galería. Uno de los grandes representantes de la escuela española de París