Alceu Ribeiro

We present the first exhibition of  Alceu Ribeiro in our gallery.

Born in Uruguay in 1919, Ribeiro was one first disciples of Joaquin Torres-Garcia at his workshop in Montevideo. There he learned the principles of constructivism, to which he has remained faithful through the years, adding slowly what he calls his “personal particularities”, but always with a total conviction, with personal language that emerges from him spontaneously.

We found about his work thanks to the catalogue of the exhibition “La Escuela del Sur, el Taller Torres-García y su legado” (El Taller Torres-Garcia: The school of the South and his legacy), presented at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, and later on we could reach him in Palma de Majorca,  where he was living since the 70s. When we met him, we discovered that the man was as great as his art, someone with great humility and a terrific sense humor. Of course, Ribeiro has soon become not only and admired artist, but also a close friend.

Other than painting, Ribeiro’s other passion is teaching. In Montevideo he opened his own workshop, “El Molino”, where he gave painting classes, lectures and was a meeting point for the intellectuality of the city and exiled such as Margarita Xirgu or José Bergamín. Later on, he has been professor at the Universidad del Trabajo in Montevideo and he keeps teaching in Majorca.

For this exhibition, we have selected around 30 pieces from 1975 until now. His paintings are a treaty on constructivism, in the application of the golden section and the rhythm that mark the compositions achieving always a balanced work. On the other hand, we have also included his woods: often done with pieces of wood he founds in the street and that catch his eye, this are personal compositions on which the artist plays with the pieces like in a puzzle in the search for the rhythm that gives sense to the work.

The first exhibition of Alceu Ribeiro  will be open until April 14th.



Obra de la primera exposición de Alceu Ribeiro en nuestra galería