What is the purpose of an art gallery?

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What is the purpose of an art gallery?

Behind an artwork hanging in the walls of a house, there is a route, a story. A road that goes from the moment the artist creates to the day the gallery selects it for an exhibition and shows it to the public.

The role of the art dealer is crucial, as it’s his judgment what will determine the artists and the works that will be part of an exhibition. There are different types of galleries, but all of them are open to the public. Anyone can visit them, enjoy the show and share doubts and thoughts with the gallerist.

Art galleries exhibit works by artists known by the general public, drive the career of young contemporary artists or recover the name of those artist whom, despite the quality of their work, for historical reasons have been relegated to the background. Sometimes, the work of recuperating an artist or an artistic movement can be at the same level as the work of a museum, therefore, in several occasions the function of the gallery is not exclusively commercial.

At Sala Dalmau alongside exhibitions dedicated to contemporary artists, we have made special emphasis on the didactical and historical aspects of several artists. This shows usually have a few works for sale, because most of them come from private collections, the family of the artists or museums and foundations that allows to exhibit them so we can complete certain aspects of the artists and therefore be able to offer a complete vision of his career. We try to accompany the exhibition with a documentation table with the curriculum, vintage photos, letters, exhibition reviews… documents that can help to know the artist and the historical context.

Among the artists of our gallery, the most internationally known would be Joaquin Torres-Garcia or Le Corbusier, as well as the member os the school of Paris such as Manuel Angeles Ortiz, Francisco Bores or Hernando Viñes. Taking of the work of Torres-Garcia, has allowed us to have a close relation with some of his followers such as Alceu Ribeiro, Augusto Torres or the family of José Gurvich, as well as his other disciples form his workshop in Montevideo, and some Uruguayan artists such as Juan de Andrés or Mauricio Sbarbaro and even the younger generations like the sculptor Pablo Bruera. Regarding the historical recovery of artists, we have enjoyed to be able to present in a gallery in Barcelona the work of artists such as J.Fín, Jacint Salvadó, Javier Vilató or Josep Maria Garcia-Llort and place them in their historical context. Nonetheless, we have not forgotten contemporary artists such as Jordi Amagat, Manolo Belzunce, Jorge Gay, Javier Lapuente or Miguel Peña, who work on a very personal figurative painting influenced by the avant-gardes that we have presented in the exhibitions of a more historical nature.

In general, the main reason to buy a painting is merely esthetic, but there also exists the strictly economic side. In that sense, you can opt for the acquisition of a work by a renowned artist, although this would mean that the prices will be high. In general, and except for a few exceptions, is much more affordable to purchase a piece by a contemporary artist, but you have to bear in mind that nothing guarantees that it is great investment. That is why is so important that the main reason to buy art is that we are enthusiastic about the work. That is why it’s so important that we acquire it in a professional and serious gallery.

 How can you visit the art gallery Sala Dalmau?

To begin with, it’s important to leave behind prejudices. People shouldn’t be intimidated by entering an art gallery; we are just a place open to the public.

You can visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter and ask any question you have regarding the artists we represent. Most of the people that visit a gallery don’t buy anything, they just enjoy the exhibition.

The important thing is that art becomes part of your daily life, that visiting these spaces becomes a moment of pleasure and then, if the time arrives and we found a work that we really love, then that will be the moment to become collectors. We are waiting for you!


Pablo Bruera


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