Manolo Belzunce – Africa forever

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Manolo Belzunce – Africa forever

From December 14th and  until February 18th 2018 Manolo Belzunce presents at the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena the exhibition “Africa forever”. Manolo has always been in love with Africa and this time he presents a journey through his different visits to that continent.

In these woks, earthly colors take over the compositions, all of them with great gestural power and on which he reflects in a very personal way the day by day of the villagers of the places he visits. In these journeys, Manolo is not just a visitor,  he integrates and participates in the everyday life of the village he visits allowing his work to completely imbibe of all surrounding him, creating paintings very different than the ones he paints when he is  in the west.


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