Martí Sala

We present the first exhibition in our gallery of the photographer Martí Sala. Formed in Barcelona and Liège, Martí Sala has remained faithful to classic photography: all the works that are part of this exhibition have been done with an analogic camera, in black and white and always in short printings. The show is integrated by a group of around 30 works done between 2015 and 2018.

“El signe d’un instant” (the sign of an instant) is the generic title of this set of photos, all portraits. Martí Sala treats this subject with a very personal view, because although his technical approach is classical, his way of doing it is very modern, looking not only for the psychology of the portrayed, but also trying to capture a detail that allows every work to have a story behind.

The artist has to be captivated by the portrait. The physique or the personality can be the detonating factor that encourages him to carry on a session. In it, the portrayed is not a passive subject, because the photographs tend to be linked to an environment that marks his or her personality and that comes from an exchange of ideas between the two. From that moment on, Marti Sala takes control and creates the character that is reflected in the photos.