Manolo Belzunce

 In the beginning of 2016, the Almedí Palace of Murcia presented a retrospective show of Manolo Belzunce's work, showing the evolution of his work and the different series that have characterized his work over the years. Click here to read an article on the exhibition.
In our gallery we offer a selection of works based on one of his recurrent themes, the Studios.  Over the years, Belzunce has returned to the theme of the artist’s studio, showing the marchad selecting the works for the next exhibition or the artist facing one of his themes, like painting a nude or a still life.
The way of facing this topics is the painting, with powerful strokes, with the drawing as protagonist and, in this case, with an explosion of color that he combines with the use of collage, made up of different materials, thus allowing a great variety of textures in the compositions.