The work of Josep Mª Garcia-Llort has always been close to our gallery. Our personal relation with him began at the decade of the 70s, when Francesc Draper, founder of Dalmau art gallery, organized an exhibition that was seen in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao and Zaragoza.
Afterwards, we have exhibited his work in several occasions, the most relevant celebrated in 1994 which included the presentation of the book on the artist by Jordi Benet.
The current show includes 30 years of his work, that lets the viewer appreciate the most important characteristics of his painting: a work of great chromatic potency influended by the Romanic painting and German expressionism on which humor, sarcasm and a bitter social commentary allow him to elaborate his extremely personal work.
Coinciding with this show, the Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona presents a retrospective exhibition of his whole career, accompanied by the book by Alex Mitrani “Josep Mª Garcia-Llort observant com va el món”, that will also be presented in our gallery.