José Leguey

We present a new solo exhibition of José Leguey. It’s a selection of mixed media done in the last few years. In this occasion, some of the works acquire the shape of boxes, the sizes, previously close to miniatures, are now larger but without losing the sense of intimacy that distinguishes his work.
Leguey uses old photography and disguises it with glazes and colleges of several materials, achieving a new vision of reality. A very personal vision that always holds a critical vision of society. The approach to the avant-gardes, with the use of techniques such as papier collé  or the surrealist flavor that often impregnates his compositions, is done with his own voice, in a way that he appropriates this influence adopting it to his own language.
Mystery, threat and intrigue are his thematic universe, even though he refuses to reveal it, letting the viewer face his work without prejudice and reach their own conclusions.