Alceu Ribeiro

Alceu Ribeiro in Barcelona

With the title “Mundo constructivo” (Constructive world), we present a new exhibition of Alceu Ribeiro in Barcelona. It’s been six years after his latest show in our gallery, and during this time, the veteran Uruguayan artist hasn’t stopped working and receiving recognitions i his home country: in 2002 the mural he did for the Sindicato Médico (Medical Union) has proclaimed Historical National Monument by the government of Uruguay, who has also announced that in 2007 will put one of his sculptures in Artigas his natal city.

Months before the exhibition of Alceu Ribeiro in Barcelona, the long-awaited retrospective show at Mallorca’s Solleric Palace has at last been hold. This has been an exceptional chance to see all his evolution as an artist in his city of adoption. For this occasion, Ribeiro, at over 85, hasn’t hesitated in doing the largest works of his career, paintings of great potency and vitality. Besides, this has been the first time he showed in public the iron sculptures he has been doing during the last couple of years and that have become a pleasant surprise.

Some of the works we present in the exhibition of Alceu Ribeiro in Barcelona had already been seen at the Palau Solleric, but in our show we focus  on the artist’s recent work, so we have selected the large scale pieces, as well as his sculptures, something that will allow us to offer a complete vision of his current work, which of course will feature some of his personal collages on wood as well as a series of painting from the last years that have never been exhibited before.

“Mundo constructivo”, the exhibition where we present the work of Alceu Ribeiro in Barcelona after six years of absence can be visited until the next December 30th.



Obra de Alceu Ribeiro en Barcelona. Se puede en su exposición en la galería Sala Dalmau